Iceburgify Spotify (2022) Is This Free For Everyone?

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Iceburgify is a newly discovered tool. This tool was launched by Spotify and was introduced by Akshay Raj. Iceburgify Spotify is the most recent addition to the music streaming zone, and now Iceburgify is trending on several social media platforms.

Iceburgify uses a popularity ranking system obtained directly from the publicly present Spotify data. Apart from other things, sharestreamfollowlike, and save are supposed to. The Iceburgify function helps people to classify their music according to their taste.

How does Spotify Iceburgify function?

The website creates an Iceberg of the users’ most listened to artists’ music and ranks them in the order of desire. The user’s favorite and most listened to artist’s song will be placed at the top of the list, and lesser-known names will be at the bottom.

By collecting data from the user’s top 50 listening artists in both short and long-term listening habits, this app also organized and created an Iceberg. This list is organized based on popularity by placing them at the top to bottom, depending on how often the user listens to that specific musician’s song.

Describe the process of creating the Spotify Iceburgify chart

To assess the features of the Iceberg, it is necessary to create an Iceburgify chart. It is very easy to create an Iceburgify chart by following some steps which are giving below-

1. Type in the search bar on your favorite web browser.

2. Enter the ‘make your choice’ option and log in.

3. After this, the website will examine the data you gave, and finally, an iceberg will be generated to characterize you most listen to art songs.

How to use Spotify Iceburgify?

You can also use this website to examine your music taste and share it with others. By generating your Spotify list, the user must continuously refresh the website and clear the cookies and site data.

The newest characteristics of the music streaming app are free of cost. And also, with the help of Spotify iceberg, the user can save the image on their device.

After this, you can share it on several social media platforms so that the other iceberg users can see your Spotify iceberg chart.

Is Iceburgify safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to utilize the features of the Iceberg. Because it does not gather or store the user’s 45 data, it just examines the data and makes an iceberg.

And also, the founder of this website does not have the intention to monetize it. Though, it is free to utilize the characteristics of this tool.

And also, as per their privacy policy, the personal information collected from the users is safe and secure, and they do not share, use or Store the information with anyone.


Iceburgify is an amazing way to listen to your favorite music. The feature of this tool is amazing, and also it is very easy to create a Spotify Icebergify chart and utilize the feature of this amazing tool.


Is the facility for downloading songs available on Iceburgify?

Yes, the Iceberg allows the user to download songs in both format audio and video.

Who is the founder of this amazing tool?

Akshay Raj was the founder of the Iceberg.

Is any subscription required to use the features of Iceburgify?

The user can also listen to the song free of cost.

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