One Piece Last Pirates Trello (2022) Fruits, Map, Codes, Wiki & Roblox!

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The Last Pirates Trello is another Roblox version. Roblox’s last pirates Trello is an action developed RPG by the last EXE developers. The exciting thing about this game is that while playing this game, the user has the power to create a character in the world of one-piece last Pirates Trello, Anime, and Manga. Many people are very excited about playing this new version, and you must obtain a fruit when playing the game.

Last Pirates Trello

As the new version is developed, many people are eager to know about Trello; Trello is the project supervision instrument that permits users to write and add cards containing valuable information. Roblox developers use these frequently as a way for game players to get necessary information about the experience. Trello boards have lots of uses, and to use them, the user does not need to pay anything because they are free, and that quality makes them quite attractive to the Roblox crowd.

Name of the WebsiteLast Pirates Trello
Available ForPC & Mobile
Article ForOne Piece Last Pirates Trello (2022) Fruits, Map, Codes, Wiki & Roblox!

Describe the procedure to obtain the last pirates trello fruits

Obtaining the fruits is essential in this game and is very easy to obtain; for this, the user has to detect them around the map, then take a trip to start Iceland and try your luck with Gacha fruit. Then you have to wait for the collector to lay an egg and buy fruit for him; after, it travels to start Iceland and buys fruit for Roblox from the black market.

Last Pirates Trello
Last Pirates Trello

Hit on the red option, which is placed near the hockey color changer when you complete the factory raid. Then the user has to kill the purple sea beast; it drops rare DF and Legendary, whose percentage is approx 10% and 5%, respectively.

After completing it, the user has to find a traveler’s ship with silver or bring the chest and at last wait for fruit Gacha wanderer and to buy fruit from this mail lead to the probability of fruit is higher than Gacha.

Information regarding the last pirates trello map

When playing this game, you find a world map, and on that map, you can check the level required for each island; apart from it, you can also check teachers, vendors, eggs, fruits, raids, etc. Under the same, you have to solve 2300 levels which is the last Iceland which is desert Iceland.

Information regarding the active last pirates trello codes

Some codes have recently been released by the last pirates, Trello, such as-

  1. Big update with the help of this code, the user can redeem 5LP.
  2. New world code helps you to redeem for a stat reset.
  3. Bleak with the help of the code the user can redeem for 50k beli.
  4. Kongpoop, this code also helps you redeem stat reset; apart from it, several other codes are available, like Event, Bleak_fat, Greed, etc.

When did the 🎃release last pirates trello?

The last Pirates Trello was the most awaited game. The Roblox users have waited for this version for a long time. So, the last Pirates Trello was released on 1 September 2022.

About last pirates Wiki

In the form of a good RPG, the last pirates have some complication which is necessary to understand. Consulting a guide and, ideally, a wiki is absolute, and the best Wiki or source of information is Trello, so if the user has not seen it, it is necessary to face it. The first section is the introductory section, but in that section, you found that events are communicated, and from there, it may be possible that you found basic information on issues like fruits, maps, codes, etc. After all the sections with the game pass, which is also worth consulting because you can get many exciting benefits when the actual Wiki begins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discuss the name of any three islands on the last pirates’ Trello?

The islands are carnival Island, stone Iceland, Desert Island, sky Island, etc.

Who was the developer of the last pirate’s Trello?

EXE was the developer of last pirates Trello, developed by RPG.


Last pirates Trello is a part of the Roblox game. The Roblox lovers have waited for this version for a long time; under this game, the user has to solve 2300 very interesting levels, and to help the player, the founder of the skin provides you code that helps you to redeem the things which make easy for you to pass the levels.

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