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Sgloballive Com Login, seagloballive com: is a fantastic website for students because this website describes the information related to recruitment to secondary schools in 2022/2023. And the recruitment process will be conducted in electronic form.

In this process, the candidate has to apply, and in this application, the candidate has to choose some preferred school and department.

Also, after some time, if the candidate does not fit so, the candidate has the option to change their preference and submit another new application.

How to select the department and schools?

The applicant reports to the systems and chooses at least three schools the candidate would like to visit.

Then it creates the list of preference includes by indicating the department in which the candidate wants to study in the selected school.

There is no border to the number of departments selected in each of the selected schools, and the candidate can indicate any of them.

It is the branch’s duty that they will be selected first in the merit list will be considered by the system as most important for the candidate, and last in the list will be considered as the branch in which the candidate is the tiniest interested.

Sgloballive Com
Sgloballive Com

The order of department is free of the order of the schools selected earlier. The candidate must choose at least three schools in the order of preference as an alternative, like dream school, rational school, and then the least favorite.

And from the selection of schools on offer, the candidate can select as many branches as possible because 10 or 12 items on a list preference are also insufficient.

Assembling of List according to choice is the most critical and essential part because this decision is deemed to be the autonomous decision of the candidate and cannot be changed by the third party or the system.

Overview Of Sgloballive Com Login

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Submission of application along with documents

On 20 June 2022, the candidate must submit their application with documents to the school. And note that this application is submitted only to the school of the first choice.

Because at this school, your application will be examined for compliance with the present data in the system. And on the recruitment Sgloballive Com, there will be a detailed guide for candidates about the schools in Silesian voivodeship.

In case the candidate applies to bilingual and sports classes until 30 May. If the applicant has indicated a bilingual, sports, or sports championship division on their preference list, so the candidate has to apply by 30 May to the school of the first choice and submits an application for a language qualification, and is obliged to attend the test or physical fitness test on the date is specified by the school.

Supplementing the application with a document of the certificate

From 24 June to 13 July up to 03:00 p.m, the candidate has to supplement the application with a copy of the certificate of the result of the examination of class 8 and a copy of the certificate.

In this process, the candidate has to enter their greats and achievement in the recruitment system as per the entries on the certificate. Then they issue a copy of the school leaving certificate and the class 8 exam result certificate to the school of the first choice.

Publication regarding qualified candidates-

On 20 July, a list of eligible and non-eligible candidates will publish.

Verification of the will to start education-

Willingness to join is confirmed by delivering the original school leaving certificate and the original class 8 examination result certificate to the school where the candidate is admitted, and also in the case of providing vocational training.

They may also ask you to submit a medical certificate that confirms that there is no health issue with regard to undertaking practical vocational training. And also, the list of students who are admitted to the school will be on July 29.

After this, the supplementary requirement will be from 1 August to 3 August. Therefore, the proposal will not be so rich because all the popular schools will be filled after the first requirement.


1. How many school preferences does the candidate have to be mentioned?

Ans. The candidate has to choose at least 3 alternatives or more.

2. When did the supplementary requirement process will be conducted?

Ans. From 1 August to 23 August, the candidate can apply in the supplementary recruitment process.


Sgloballive Com helps students to acquire their dream schools. In this process, the candidate has the opportunity to select their preferred schools as much as they can.

Once the process is complete after the candidate has the option to get the school because there is an option of supplementary recruitment.

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