How To Download, Use & Edit Smiley Face Capcut Template?

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Smiley Face Capcut Template
Smiley Face Capcut Template

Have you heard about the smiley face capcut template and want to gather some information about it? You are at the correct spot because I’ll be detailing this template here. So read till the last word of the article, and I guarantee you that if you read this properly, you will also be able to create your video with it. So let’s begin- 

Smiley face capcut template

The smiley face is a capcut template that more and more people are using. The videos created by using this template attract users because of the animation effects and beat. It adds incredible animation effects, filters, and beats to the user’s video. 

People also know this template as the “smile” template. Sương Mai developed it 💕 and people have used it more than 10 million times for creating their content. 

It changes your pic to a smiley one but has a different style. In this, you have to select your two photographs—one that you want to convert into a smiley face, and the other should be the pic in which you are smiling.

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How to use the smiley face capcut template?

Don’t stress your head about using the smiley face capcut template. capcut has a user-friendly interface, and that’s why you won’t face any issues in creating your content using the smiley template. It’s simple so just follow the process I’m telling you, and all your tasks will be done. 

  • First of all, move to the smiley template.
  • Now, sort-out out the photograph or video you want to edit with this template.
  • Wait till the effects and filters upload to your selected photographs. 
  • Inspect the final video and make the changes if you feel so. 

Pencil icon – you can use it for three things – cropping, adjusting, and replacing. 

You can also delve into the capcut manual for making any more changes. 

  • Once you’re done with editing, smash on the “export” feature.
  • It’s time to opt for the quality you want to have your final video in. 
  • Now, the app will ask you whether you ought to save your content with the watermark or without it. So select it. 
  • Now, decide whether you want to save the video to your device or directly share it on your TikTok account. 

Don’t overthink if saving/sharing takes time. 

One more thing – it’s not to have the video editing knowledge for creating your content using the template. 

How to download the smiley face capcut template?

Many people get confused about the process of downloading the smiley face capcut template. Are you also confused? If so, don’t worry; I’ll tell you the downloading steps, but follow them properly. 

First procedure –

  • Get the capcut video editing app on your device (in case you don’t have it).
  • Open it.
  • Now, go to the template exploration area of the app. 
  • Hunt for the smiley face template- 
    • Scroll till you find it or use the search option. 

Second procedure – 

  • Inspect whether you’ve the capcut app on your device or not. If not, download it.
  • Find the “smiley face capcut template” on your search browser.
  • Enter any website you feel is good for downloading the template’s link.
  • Smash on the link and hurrah..! You’ll be directed to the smiley template on capcut. 

The best thing – you’re not required to follow any of the above-given procedures. Wondering why? Because we provide you with the link to the smiley face template in the article. You can click on the link to get it; No extra steps..! 

Note: You can’t download any of the capcut’s templates, including the smiley face. You can just use it to create your content. 


This is how you can convert your simple photo into a smiley one with the smiley face capcut template. I’ve tried my best to explain everything about it, but in case you are still not clear with any steps or something, you can ask me in the comment section.

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