Spotify Iceburg (2022) How Does It Work?

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Spotify Iceburg
Spotify Iceburg

Spotify is one of the best music platforms today, and music lovers spend a lot of time listening to their favourite hits. But often, we are unsure about our music tastes and even forget about some artists. So, in such a scenario, it is important to look at our music playlist to give a clear picture. “Spotify Iceburg” is the best option. 

The tool analyses our top playlist and collects the top 50 artists based on which the Icebergify is created. So, this chart lets everyone know what they are missing and even the type of songs they prefer. So, let’s check more about Spotify Iceburg and create our music chart.

What is Spotify Iceburg?

The Spotify Iceburg tool creates a music chart based on the songs you listen to the most. The tool collects the top 50 artists from Spotify, including their time and frequency. Based on this information, artists are organized where moist listeners are on the top while the artist who is least listened are at the bottom.

The Iceberg chart is divided into levels to give a clear picture of your music taste. In addition, it reminds users regarding the artist that they are missing out and need to add them to the playlist. There are 3 types of iceberg charts: short, medium, and long-term, so the image is created accordingly. So, how you want the chart to be created is up to you.

How does Spotify Iceburg work?

The tool gives an idea about the music taste and time we spend listening to some particular artist. So, the tool’s working is quite easy, and it hardly takes 3 minutes to prepare the chart. Follow the below-given steps to create your Icebergify:

  • Visit the official site Icebergify: Your Spotify Iceberg and click on “create yours.”
  • Log in to your Spotify account in any of the mentioned ways. If you want, there is an option to enter the email address and even the password to log in to the account.
  • On successful login, you need to permit Iceberg to collect your data. It is completely safe, and there is no harm to confidential information.
  • Once the data is collected, Iceberg starts organizing the artists based on the frequency and time you spend listening to them. The top artist is on top, while the least listened to artist is at the bottom.
  • Save the image, and feel free to share it with your friends and family through any social media platform.


  • Spotify Iceburg helps people to find out about their favourite artists and their taste in music.
  • Artists who were not considered for a long time get noticed and expand their music tastes.
  • The iceberg chart gives a clear picture of your Spotify music playlist based on their levels.
  • It is possible to share the Icebergify chart on different social media platforms. 


Who introduced the Spotify iceberg?

The Spotify Iceburg was developed by Akshay Raj, who mainly aimed to rank the most listened, least listened artist through the chart. 

Why use Spotify Iceburg?

Music is all about our mood and occasion. Thus, with the help of the Spotify Iceburg, we get an idea about the artist we consider over others and thus help to increase our music buds.


In all, if you, too, are a music lover and willing to listen to something new and different, try out Spotify Iceburg. The chart will show you the artists you have ignored or not listened to for a long time. So, expand your music taste and consider other artists to try something new. The tool is safe to use and does not store data anywhere.

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