Top 30 Tiktok Capcut Templates Download Link (2022) How To Tutorial!

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Today there are many videos editing tools, especially for mobile devices. Capcut Templates is one of the best tools with different templates to create unique and impressive videos. The editing feature, templates, music, stickers, filter, and many more have made it easy for users to create the best videos. So, if you, too, are using CapCut to make easy editing of mobile videos, it is worth checking out the below-given information.

What Is CapCut Video Editor?

CapCut is one of the best video editing tools for mobile users. The app’s interface is designed for mobile, so editing video or short content for social media platforms is easy and less time-consuming. In addition, the tool has many advanced features and effects to give a unique touch to your video. The best part about CapCut is free templates based on trending songs on TikTok. So, if you want to participate in any ongoing trend, shoot the video and use the particular template to get the best of it.

It is a free tool with everything we look out for in video editing. It is a free app that helps to create impressive high-quality short videos for your social media platform. Beginners find CapCut easy to use, while the professional videos can be edited with the advanced feature of the app. Moreover, it is easy to share videos on social media platforms after editing. CapCut is mainly for mobile users who don’t wish to switch to a PC for editing videos and have everything for a mobile interface.

Capcut Templates
Capcut Templates

How To Download CapCut for Android? 

People looking for mobile video editing tools will find CapCut the best option. So, the app is also available on the Google play store. But as the app is from China, people in India cannot get this app on the play store. They need to get the app link and install it as a third-party app. But for everyone else, CapCut is available on the Google Play store.

How To Download CapCut for pc? 

CapCut is not available for PC, but still, one who wishes to try this editing app on PC needs to follow the below-given steps:

  • Download Bluestack on your PC as it gives an Android interface.
  • Next, sign in to your Google account and look for “CapCut‘.
  • Click on install to get the app on your PC and start using it to edit short videos.

How To Download CapCut pro apk?

CapCut is offering most of the features and templates for free. As it is not available in India, people can use the pro apk to edit videos. Opting for the Pro version can eliminate the watermark and get premium features for free. Follow the given steps to get the CapCut pro apk:

  • Download the apk file from Here 
  • Go on settings -> allow third-party apps to install the pro version.
  • Click on the downloaded file to start the installation process.
  • On successful installation, the CapCut pro version is available to create videos.


  • It is easy to edit videos as CapCut has the option to trim and cut videos. Also, merging multiple videos becomes simple with options like reverse, crop, trim, cut, etc.
  • CapCut allows music from any video; even one can add their voice. It also has a voice changer feature to change the original voice to male, female, or even Robot.
  • The slideshow option in the CapCut allows to control speed and make necessary changes to create smooth videos.
  • There are nearly more than 60 transition effects with CapCut. So, while merging or slicing videos adding this transition make it attractive.
  • CapCut has various fonts, stickers, and animations that can add stars to your video. Adding text or memes is easy for all.
  • The background editing option helps to create videos based on the platform where you wish to upload them. So, explore more about the tool and get some best videos.
  • Templates are available with CapCut, which are based on TikTok new trends. So, add a template and edit it to follow the ongoing trend.

Below is the list of trending templates on CapCut that makes easy to create videos on your phone. It is easy to post videos from the app itself to your TikTok and follow the trend. Check out the templated below:

  1. Allo CapCut template

Allo capcut template is one of the best templates that help to create quick videos. The template is based on the song Allo Allo by Nej, so if you too wish to create videos on this song, the template works like a pro. It is easy to add videos to this template with various effects. Get the template from

  1. DJ full beat CapCut

CapCut keeps on adding new templates based on the trend. DJ full beat is getting attention and so it is available in the form of template, download DJ full beat CapCut and post your video on TikTok.

  1. Ritmaster CapCut

People looking to post trending videos on TikTok must go for Ritmaster CapCut at . The creator gave the template’s name and had the best feature, eventually gaining a good fan following. CapCut has both a Ritmaster template and editor to create some trending videos.

  1. Love me like you do CapCut template

Check out videos on Love me Like you Do and if you too are willing to make your video for it, download Love me like you do CapCut template at .It is the most watched TikTok video, so use the template and add your photos and videos.

  1. Twerk it like miley CapCut

Twerk it like miley CapCut is quite a popular song on TikTok and so get the template from . CapCut makes it easy to follow the trend on social media platforms with free templates.

  1. Jalebi baby CapCut template

Download Jalebi baby CapCut template from and use your editing skills to come up with the best video. Post on TikTok and be a part of the trend.

  1. Nagiyalay CapCut template

CapCut users be happy as Nagiyalay CapCut template is not available to make the short video. Add effects and use advance features of CapCut to create the video on the ongoing trend. Get the template for free at .

  1. Shaka boom CapCut template

The powerful sound track encourages everyone to make video on it. So, go for the CapCut to find the template as it has all the required sound effects to make the best video. Download the template from and get the best video.

  1. One kiss CapCut template

CapCut is known fo templates and so to help users, one kiss template is also available. Download One kiss CapCut template at and make your loved one feel special by using photos or videos of them.

  1. Love nwantiti CapCut template

Users who wish to make cool videos without wasting much time must go for The Love nwantiti CapCut template has everything that make your video look perfect without much editing.

  1. Lo honiara CapCut template

Lo honiara CapCut template is trending and so get the CapCut template to create video on the ongoing trend. It is easy to get the template at and make the video with minimal editing.

  1. Lucky prada CapCut

Want to make video on Lucky prada, just download Lucky prada CapCut template at The template has filters along with the option to edit them. It helps to create video based on wordings of the song.

  1. Dame tu cosita CapCut template

People who are looking for new trend for TikTok will find CapCut the best paltfrom. Dema tu cosita song is trending and so it is available in the templated form. One just has to download it and start editing as they require.

  1. Wrap me in plastic CapCut template

The Wrap me in plastic CapCut template gives easy option to transform your photos and videos to create an impressive short video. The templates make easy to add photos and give option to control the speed and add effects. So, visit to get template.

  1. Mlbb CapCut template

The ready-to-edit templated with song makes it easy to post videos following the trend. Mlbb is getting good response and so CapCut have introduced in templated to create videos in high quality. Get Mlbb CapCut template from and start making videos in your phone.

  1. CapCut weight loss

The name of CapCut weight loss template makes clear that it helps you to look slim. If you are not able to lose weight but don’t wish to show in the video, go for the weight loss template. The video editing feature make easy to cut parts and come up with the beautiful transition. So, install from Here and get a new version of yourself.

  1. Beggin CapCut

In no time songs gets trending on TikTok and people start making videos according to it. So, CapCut launches templates that make it easy to create videos with the ongoing trend. If you love beggin and willing to make video on it, download Beggin CapCut template from

  1. DJ paijo CapCut

The DJ paijo CapCut gives an easy option to add text and other attachments to create impressive videos for social media. The template has frames, so one can even control the speed and transition. So, download template from for both android and iOS.

  1. Habibi CapCut Template

CapCut has added a new template for the song Habibi as the song is receiving a good response. The template is free to use and does not require professional editing skills. Download Habibi CapCut Template and start editing it. 

  1. Plantillas CapCut

The app has made it very eyas to use template and create short videos based on trending songs. Templates are available for free and comes with all features to make trendy video. If you love Plantillas CapCut template is worth using to create video.

  1. Hey ladies drop it down CapCut

If you are too willing to follow the trend by making the video on Hey ladies drop it down, just go for the Hey ladies drop it down CapCut. A user has already created a template to create videos based on the trend, so just click the link and start editing video.

  1. Pota pota CapCut

Pota Pota is a piece of music from the famous song Copines. The song is trending, mainly because “Pota Pota” to help video creators, CapCut has introduced it as a Pota pota CapCut template. Click on  to access the template and start editing to make the perfect video.

  1. One dance CapCut template

Drake’s song One Dance is quite popular on TikTok, so CapCut has introduced a template. There is no need of advance editing skills as a template has everything. Just changing a bit will result in an impressive video. So, download One dance CapCut template link from

  1. Ola Ola CapCut Template

You can find many videos on Ola Ola and if you too wish to make one, go for the Ola Ola CapCut Template. The Ola Ola template can be downloaded and edited to create a beautiful video. It just needs to add some photos and apply some filters.

  1. Lo honiara CapCut template

Lo honiara does not need any introduction as song is trending on social media. If you too wish to create the video based on this song, download Lo honiara CapCut template from and start adding your photos to create a trending video.

  1. Happy birthday CapCut template

If you are willing to wish happy birthday to your loved ones in a unique manner, go for the Happy birthday CapCut template. Download the template from and start adding photos to create a beautiful video to make birthday special.

  1. Best friend CapCut template

The name of the template makes clear that it is about friends. So, if you too want to make your friend feel special download Best friend CapCut template from to create video. The floating text in the template helps to express your feeling through words.

  1. CapCut beat template

If you love rhythms, this template is juts for you. The aesthetic effect while some parts getting zoom effect create the best video. Get CapCut beat template from and show your own image with different effects.

  1. Perfect body Capcut Template

Many people create videos of the Perfect body Capcut Template with a perfect smile song. And that song is trending on several social media platforms, and people apply several effects to that sound with the help of capcut to make the video more attractive.


Who made CapCut?

CapCut is developed by Bytedance, which is a Chinese IT company. The app was originally named “jianying” for Chinese audiences, but as it became popular in the US and other parts of the world, it was named CapCut.

Is CapCut mainly for TikTok content?

Yes, CapCut is mainly for TikTok content. It has templates based on the trending videos on TikTok, so users can use the template and edit the video to share on the social media platform.

Why is CapCut not available in India?

India has banned all Chinese apps as they are infringing and also dangerous or confidential data stored on mobile devices. So, all Chinese apps, including TikTok and CapCut, are unavailable in India.

Is CapCut safe?

CapCut is safe as it is associated with TikTok and doesn’t have any malicious stuff. But the app takes personal details which can be shared with third parties.

Why is CapCut not working?

If there is less storage space in the mobile or the internet connection is not stable, CapCut won’t work. So, check it and try to create impressive videos after some time.

CapCut how to zoom in?

To zoom in, select the image and scroll to the bottom to find the style toolbar. There are different options, and to add the feature, select 3D zoom style. It will zoom in, and thus you can create a video accordingly.

Is CapCut free?

Yes, CapCut is free to use and even gives out advanced features for feel. One who even doesn’t have editing skills can find options to create social media videos.


So, if you, too, are looking for any video editing tool/app for social media platforms, CapCut is the best option. It offers all editing features, templates, music, stickers, and much more for free. The mobile-friendly interface of the tool makes it one of the best options for editing videos. So, feel free to try CapCut and learn new editing skills.

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