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TV shows and series are today a go-to for information, trends, and new intellectual adventures.

Just a click and you would be watching a Selena Gomez cookery show and at the other click, you would be saving the world.

Laughter, Tears, and Questions. Today’s creative world has content to resonate with every feeling.

But the unprecedented feature of today’s arena is not in the massive Content that is being created to suit every layer but in the ever-expanding reach that they are garnering.

Most people with much cheaper internet rates and affordable smartphone services at their disposal can now become a part of every popular content and series of the whole wide world.

The government initiatives for wide penetration of Internet services have also contributed to that.

Goojara. com
Goojara. com


Well, we are at your service.

Most of the web series are protected by the Copyright Act of 1957.

And it is highly advisable from our end to only stream them from their legal vendors and OTT platforms.

Nonetheless, as always there are a lot of free websites available on the internet that provide the same services though sometimes in a lower quality print.

But then there are also sites that don’t compromise on quality.


Goojara ch is one among the many (almost hundreds) free websites to watch movies.

This is a website like the very popular Filmy4web XYZ website.

Since many people are ditching their cable connections and turning to online streaming; the demand for such websites have also soared higher and higher.

A quick Google search will take you to the website

On you will find a huge list of recent talks of the movie world.

It promises to bring for you the latest and most loved web series without any subscription fees or any other unnecessary hassle of log-ins and sign-ups.

Pureflixisaimini Com
Mlwbd. com


Did you find the goojara.tu website a little confusing for yourself?

We bring for you a review and guide to effectively navigate to your favorite series and web shows that you have been surely intending to watch

Here is a step by step catalog -:

  • Launch your browser and type Goojara. com
  • Now visit the site
  • The site keeps changing it’s domain name because it is being blocked several times due to violation of The Copyright Act,1957 so you must not confuse  yourself between the different domain names that show up.
  • Now you can simply search your favourite movie or series from the top right search box.


By now you must have visited a lot of sites that provide free movie downloads and streaming and that too in HD format.

Probably most of them might be having a huge collection just like goojara does.

But then you will be reminded of the Nast and uncomfortable advertisements and pop up that keep occurring on the web pages.

This sometimes gets the user extremely frustrated.

But not with Goojara. com.

Here you are not bombarded and bothered by the unnecessary and absolutely annoying ads that pop up out of nowhere.

This is the unique feature of Goojara. com.

And probably that’s one of the reasons behind the regular streaming by thousands of users at any given point in time.

Another important feature that distinguishes it from other sites is the huge collection of Anime content.

In fact, Goojara. com is actually very popular because of this aspect.

Many of the movie and content review websites have termed it as” one of the most robust and we’ll organize free movies and television series streaming sites”

Thus if you are looking for something of that sort then maybe you can see this website. (please be aware of the Copyright laws)


The best features also include a wide number of genres ranging from comedy and action to adventure and drama.

Further, you can also stream the shows through popularity and prevalence as also through Languages and Alphabetically.

The site also has an adult section as well as a Talk Show section.


The website is extremely popular in countries like Kenya and South Africa.

This is also evident from the front page of the website that covers mostly the western shows as the top content of the day.

The website offers all the shows in either HDR, DVD,720P, or others as available as the best print.


It allows you to download them.

So you can definitely have an easy time not just streaming it online but also enjoying your shows at times when you have a slower internet connection by simply downloading it.

Thus there you have a companion for your long weekends and travels that does not even require an investment.

WELL, the site is not actually legal and we would definitely not recommend it to you.

You might be paid a visit by the cop for the offense of consuming and distributing a stolen copy of copyrighted material.

The site is illegal and contrary to the law just like hundreds of other sites and sometimes we face some issues on the web page like Bad Gateway.

And then you have to try it again after some time.

I think the option of buying a subscription is hugely underrated in this free world.

So you should and you must buy a subscription to the OTT platforms where it is being streamed to undo the hassle.

But you can also use a VPN to access the site with full safety and security.

This also hides your IP address and makes it easier for you. (though that trickery may not work always)

Some legal alternatives are the very popular sites like Amazon prime, Sony Liv, Disney+Hotstar, etc.

OR you can simply search for the OTT platform that is streaming the show that caught your attention and buy a monthly subscription for that.

Moreover, you will also be able to stream a lot of other content from those platforms at just a very reasonable price.

Another method is that of swapping passwords and login credentials of different OTT platforms with your friends and relatives.

Most of the OTT platforms allow more than one device so you will have easy access to all of the content from all the popular platforms if you have a lot of relatives and friends that is.

Otherwise, go for the monthly subscription and watch the show that got you excited.

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