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Rate this post You scroll through every binge-watching apps and your search list never puts an end. You love to watch all in one without crawling into one after another app and want to have a platform to watch all the latest movies and series.

Netflix is a platform that is attracting one-third of the population at a splash. It is an American service that is attracting all corners of the market. Netflix generally works as a room for various kinds of films or series in different genres. Whether you are into romantic or thriller, your search will appear in a very particular form.

Netflix was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in 1997, which was first in the form of a DVD. The Headquarters of Netflix is in Los Gatos, California, Santa Clara Country. Netflix has on its hand multiple awards till now, 

  • Primetime Emmy Award
  • 6 nominations for Golden Globe Award
  • PETA’s Company of the Year
  • 20 TV nominations and 22 film nominations (2020)

Netflix is taking a haul in social media:

It is not only as a service you are seeing the hike but also in the social media the promotions or without of it, Netflix is bringing a lot of views and attention. Netflix is building the 5 strategies to build the business. First, the content strategy part where it is focusing on the target audiences and that is the strongest building block.

This is how Netflix is gathering up to a million likes and views on a cut-out video. The second is the social media campaigns. One of the best campaigns was April Feels Day. Netflix what to post and exactly follow the market pattern by promoting only the original piece of work.

Humour is a part that is serving the industry the best because listening to the audience and communicating in the right way is the main goal. Netflix knows its market very well and so are its competitors. It keeps a clear wye on them and tries to always bring better content for viewers. Because the team always researches deep and provides only relevant and adequate information, it has a large following base.

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10 best top-list of recent time

  1. Red Notice– It is a thriller-based movie and the plotline is about capturing a thief by partnering up two FBI Profiler and the best art thief in the world. 
  2. Cowboy Bebop– It is an adapted movie from an animation series. You will enjoy this if you are a supernatural drama lover.
  3. Tiger King– It is on a true crime show which is presented in a manner that will be hard for you to believe.
  4. Hellbound– Hellbound is another supernatural theme-lined story that has a unique baseline story.
  5. The Queen of Flow– a Spanish drama based on a songwriter who wants justice against the man who was falling under the killer of her family.
  6. Arcane– It is based on the game league of legends and is an animated drama. This showcases a complicated world with lots of moral decisions.
  7. Maid– This is an emotional series on a woman who lived her life all working to bit the poverty. It is on the story of Alex: a writer who was in an abusive relationship survived to lead her own life.
  8. The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star- The story revolves around three women who are after a thief.
  9. Narcos: Mexico- It is on crime, fiction, and abuse, and violence. If you enjoy dark movies, you can consider watching them at times.
  10. Squid Game– It is all about a group of people dealing with the theft of money and after a children’s game for a boatload of money. 

Not only this India has its top list that can be reviewed ad you can pick the best choice

Top 3 India’s ranking list

  1. Delhi Crime– It is based on the real-life story of molestation where a team was up in search of the culprits and recorded to find them in a very short span of hours. Crime drama series.
  2. Taj Mahal 1989– It is a romance genre drama series where individuals have different ideas of love. You can consider watching before breaking the bubble.
  3. Sacred Games– It is considered one of the best dramas in India on Netflix. It attracted a large fanbase. It is better if you witnessed the 2 available seasons on your own and enjoy the series.

The features and details of the web page and App

Netflix is planned to design in a very unique and authentic way that it engages a large group of audience. The website is designed very systematically so that anyone can get through all the required services with less pain.

The subculture of genres is the best part in it to find the desired movie and series more conveniently. There are also several choices of audio language available for each drama and series which is making everyone watch series in their comfortable languages.

There is also a kid section so that children could take the benefit of the place. It has managed to capture the market in a very well-mannered way without disturbing the commerce of other competitors.

FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions)

Q. How can I get the subscription?

A: There is a very simple process to follow before subscribing to Netflix. Netflix offers different types of monthly pack benefits from 1 screen to 7 screens to desktop support. It is all on you what you want to choose? And about the process-
First, go on the official website
Sign in and move to the account section
There you will find the payment category
You can choose any of the payment methods- Visa/ credit/ master card
And hurray, you are done. Enjoy your favourite movie/series.

Q. What are the genres available on Netflix?

Children & Family
Award Winning 
Stand-up Comedy
Audio description

Q. Is there any customer support?

A: Yes, there is a special help center designed for your problems. There is an option for call/ chat help service. If you are stuck with any problem, you can take the help.
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