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What is called a https Regvaksin Sirsmandiri Com?

https Regvaksin Sirsmandiri Com The disease “coronavirus” is first recognized in Wuhan. It is one kind of new virus that is linked to similar family viruses as the respiratory syndrome of severe Acute and few kinds of a common cold.

How does the disease of covid-19 start spreading?

The symptoms of covid-19 include fever, breathing shortness, and cough. Moreover, when it becomes severe it can pneumonia as well as difficulties in breathing. Sometimes this disease can lead to fatal cases as well.

These symptoms are like the flu or the common cold which is more common than the disease of covid-19. For this reason, it is very essential to get someone tested if the particular person has some specific symptoms of covid-19. It is very important of remembering the preventive measures which need to be taken like frequent washing your hand, wearing masks in public, maintaining social distancing, maintaining hygiene, etc.

https Regvaksin Sirsmandiri Com
https Regvaksin Sirsmandiri Com

How the risk of infection can be avoided?

Here are some of the precautions given below which should be taken to prevent this disease:

Try to avoid contact with the person who is already having sneezing problem, coughing issues or have some fever

Try to connect with the health department as soon as symptoms start arising.

Washing your hands is mandatory with soaps as well as hand rubs which are alcohol-based.

Mask is very essential to wear:

It is advised of using a mask in order to protect other people despite having no specific symptoms of covid-19.

Once the mask is worn, it is recommended to dispose of it in such a place so that transmitting the virus can be avoided.

Wearing only a mask is not enough to deal with this virus, hand washing and maintaining social distancing are also required to protect from this virus.

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Do children get affected by this virus?

As we know that covid-19 is simply a new virus, and people are unaware of this disease completely. This virus can infect any age group of people and transmit through them. However, people who are old age and having some medical conditions are likely to be prone to severe illness. It is known that cough, cold, sneezing are some of the common symptoms of covid-19. While it is also noticed that abdominal pain, loose motions are also the symptoms of Covid-19.

The clinical features, as well as the symptoms of covid-19 disease, include headache, fever, cough, shortage of breath, etc.

What should be done if any child gets affected with covid-19 or come in close contact with the infected person?

Recording of temperature as well as measuring the saturation of oxygen level by using a pulse oximeter if it is available at home after every 6 hours. Measuring temperature frequently is required. If the temperature is more than 100 degrees F, then it is advised to consult with the medical team for getting tested.

Continue of taking precaution is very required to control further spread of this disease to other.

It is advised to avoid outside food and have homemade cooked food for keeping the hydration in the body. Adding vitamin c and multivitamins is every essential to boost your immune system and get protection from it.

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