How To Update Mysejahtera App New Version In Android?

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Introduction Of Mysejahtera App

Mysejahtera App is developed by the government of Malaysia to assist and monitor the covid19 outbreak in the whole country. This application provides the ministry with information to plan for early and effective information as well.

This app for that users who don’t have resources to test the covid 19 test so this application would be great help that kind of the person and help them

This app helps to provide all the information regarding the covid test so this app helps them so much because most of the audience can go outside and they can’t afford highly paid and chargeable covid 19 test kids. So this app helps so many people also.

Mysejahtera App
Mysejahtera App

My Sejahtera application development

Mysejahtera 1.0.45 develops and assists the government in managing and offers service. Helps the users in monitoring their health issues and check out the covid 19 also. This app provides other information also related to other health check up and Heath issues if the US have any Health problems and they concern Doctors and get the solution about the problems as well as. Users can also check out the nearby hospital and near medicine shops also so they save their time to issues also. And screening the near covid test treatment also.Easy to download for applicants to register to there self mention the contact no id and mention the all personal details also which is necessary for downloading this app.

How download the sejahtera

First, download and install my Sejahtera from the gallery of Malaysian government mobile phone GAMMA through the Apple Store. Click on the button and download the app and register on this app then enter the registered mobile no and email I’d which is login in this to get the notifications to use this app. Now use the otp no on that no Which you choose for registration and then now enter the otp no and click that link to open it and when you done this process so you are ready to use this app in proper way.

My Sejahtera application is free or not

This application is for Malaysia users because this app mostly use for that country so all the users who live in Malaysia so then use this app very easily and use all the facility whatever available on this app and whatever update this time on this app and this app is available on mobile phone and pc and but mostly users are available to use in mobile phone on mobile all the application use very easy to access it and in few minutes you can use any application and download any application in mobile phone so this application is very helpful for mobile users.


Yes this app is available only for Malaysian users but through this app they can take any concern about their health and covid test and other health issues if they have and take video calls with highly professional doctors and get the good concern and check out the clinic also. On this app all available all health and covid 19 concern available and if you drop the message in chat box so service department in few minutes give answer and connect your call with doctors and concern department to give it you help.

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