ibomma App Download Movierulz (2021 – 2022) illegal Website Full Review!

ibomma App Download Movierulz

Are you struggling to watch your favorite movie on the net? Are the charges being too high for a subscription? You will be amazed at this app “ibomma App Download Movierulz“. Every platform you will go to will charge for the extra bucks but here you are going to watch everything of your interest-free of cost. The ibomma app acts like a torent to run some of the best Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam, and (Bollywood) Hindi movies.

This app is also giving a good competition to other platforms like Filmywap and Tamilrocker. Features that are coming along with this app are-

  1. You will find here all genres- Action, Drama, Love Story, Fantasy, Thriller, Sci-Fi is available.
  2. ibomma App Download Movierulz will provide you with these multiple languages.
  3. You get the option of live streaming if you do not choose to download.

You will also find different categories of downloading Telugu movies of following categories:

  • Romantic movies 
  • Action movies
  • TV Series 
  • War Films 
  • Horror movies 
  • Dramatic films
  • Real Trailer

Ibomma app is providing a platform for entertainment. To find all the details and data about the app, you can consider reading further.

ibomma App Download Movierulz
ibomma App Download Movierulz

The target audience of this platform

You can consider here the traffic of age group above 18+ because they are more into such movies. The maximum ratings of this platform are increased by the Tamil society because this platform showcases more Tamil movies or dubbed ones. Moreover, this platform is specifically designed to make easier searches and downloads.

The audiences are more interested in this platform due to the free services. There are also various patterns of engaging audiences and somewhere this page is lagging on this field and that is why it is still not in the focus of the large group. There are a few of the recent trend Telugu movies you can consider watching on the ibomma app

Pureflixisaimini Com
Mlwbd. comFilmy4web XYZ
Netflix.com/TV8Goojara. com

Some Of i bomma.com Telugu Movies List 2021

  • Uppena
  • Trip
  • Palasa
  • Drishyam 2
  • Tuck Jagadish
  • Seetimaarr
  • Pelli Sandadi
  • Pogaru
  • Shukra
  • Chaavu Kaburu Challage
  • Wild Dog
  • Sreekaram
  • Shadi Mubarak
  • Nandi

Other than this you will enjoy the platform a lot being a movie lover. The good part is that you can also download some of the movies to watch on the big screen along with your family. The target audience of this platform is saturated and that is a very good benefit for this site.

Voice of the society for this platform

As ww2 ibomma org this is a new site people are confused to believe in this site. Some of the common questions run around whether this page is legal or not? Is this place safe to watch and download films? There is a long road to building the trust factors among the community.

Hopefully, this platform is trying to do its best. The page is designed to break down all the details very carefully. Along with that, the page developer has focused a lot on the part of security to ensure all the privacy services. It has also attached basic information and insight of real sites so that no one falls into the trap and can enjoy their movie peacefully.

There is no direct impact on society as such, it has kept an eye on parental safety, also it does not promote any kind of sexual content.

This is the most important factor about the page because society will accept any app that follows the basic authenticity and dignity.

About the app and the page

This app acts as a torrent or platform of download. You will find here most of the interesting movies to enjoy your evening. The page is designed in a very common way and that is the reason traffic has not raised that much.

The website is running at very low maintenance and it is not providing adequate information about the site and the page has not provided much information for the viewers. The page has provided information related to contacts which is a good part of it. There are some of the loopholes that could be made better-

  • Designing the page and the website in the right format which contains the basics of the about section, setting section, genre 
  • Putting on some more sub-sections to organize the things better
  • The overall look of the app looks good and with the little maintenance and work on the profile can grab a lot of audiences. The page is providing a huge number of choices to go for but the management is what it should work more upon. 


The app is based on entertainment. This page will deliver you the full form of downloadable as a well live streaming form of the section which you can enjoy being at your own comfortable pace. Genre the page mostly into include all the variable staff and also mostly concentrated to South-Indian.

You might be someone who does not have great access to net and capital. But you need not worry because this app is free of cost at your service. You can download it and watch it on any device in your comfort zone. The newly formed is planning to put more inputs in the coming future. There is great hope that this app will hold a big market.

Not only that, the platform is created to put into place all the relatable items. You will be amazed at its collection of movies. If you wish to explore more with different kinds of movies then you should give ibomma


Q. Is the app reliable?

A: As per the security services, the app is completely trustable and you can use it at your convenience. There will be cache associated with the page but it cannot harm your device.

Q. Who can use this platform?

A: It’s for anyone who enjoys movies and entertainment purpose shows. To make it clearer, this page is for the ones who face difficulty in watching a particular movie of their choice. The platform generally streams movies more in Tamil and that is why the mass associated with this language will be more attracted to this platform.

Q. How can we take help if we get stuck somewhere?

A: Getting stuck at the beginning is common with those who are not that familiar with the internet. So, for people like you, there is a “contact us” button you can reach out to anytime you want help.


We do not promote opting for any such pirated website to download movies or series as it can harm the device. We have shared information and review regarding the site for people who are looking for free movies. It is better to avoid using such sites as they might contain malicious viruses, which harm the device.

In India, such sites are blocked, so ibomma App Download Movierulz has many other URLs that help users download movies or series. So, it’s up to users whether they wish to use ibomma App Download Movierulz to download movies or watch them online.

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